WHERE do we do it


In recent years - thanks to fast Internet and other modern technologies - we do it mainly in our offices:


Přemyšlenská 551/83

182 00 Prague 8

Czech Republic

However we do also travel to our customers which we have all over the Czech Republic and whom we like to visit at least time by time, because direct contact is unreplaceable for a good and long-lasting cooperation.

It's not difficult for us to serve also customers from more distant places - time by time we do it and we definitely like it. All our employees speak English and that's - thanks God - enough for destruction of the language barrier in most of Europe.

If you're not our customer yet and you don't wanna  shoot out to Prague, let you choose any of the following

WEB: www.UNLIMITEDltd.cz
E-MAIL: info@UNLIMITEDltd.cz
+420 242 443 010
CHIEF'S MOBILE: +420 777 107 957