WHAT do we actually do


We do what we know: We bring Golem to life and action. Our Golem is called Microsoft Dynamics AX and he's strong and powerfull. However he can be also a bit naughty and malicious - depending on how you vitalize him. He can break thing down and sap, but also plan production, issue invoices, calculate depreciations and VAT, help with stockcounting... He can do a lot - just to vitalize him duly and explain him how-to. And teach those who have bought him how cooperate with him in such a way that he will be really beneficial for them.

We know our Golem well - we are Microsoft Certified Silver Partner for Enterprise Resource Planning - Microsoft Dynamics AX. And vitalizing of a brand new Golem is called an IMPLEMENTATION in our jargon.

What more do we do

Apart from implementing AX for customers which has just bought it we offer to customers using AX also following services

  • post-implemntation service - helpdesk
  • launching of not yet used modules and functions
  • analysis and solution design of customer's new requests
  • development of new needed programm changes including thorough testing and documentation (and - depending on the modification's extent - also related training of users)
  • integration with other information systems used by the customer
  • consultancy on-site or remotely
  • training of new employees and refresher courses for the current ones
  • roll-outs, where the typical mode is: AX is implementated in a multinational's headquarters and it needs to be implemented also in the Czech subsidiary
  • connecting AX to the outside world - for more please see WHAT more do we offer

XAL or else What more can we bethink ourselves of

Thank's to 15 years long experience with Microsoft Dynamics products we can bethink ourselves also of shabby Microsoft Dynamics XAL (previously known also as Concorde.XAL, Damgaard.XAL, Navision.XAL and Microsoft Business Solutions XAL). We can - and we do - help also with making this product up and running. Let it be a proof that we mean our long-life guarantee of support seriously - our XAL customers run their applications for 10 or even almost 20 years...