How do we do it


We build our procedures especially on 15 year long - both good and bad - experience of our chief in our branch of business. That's why we strive above all for securing all the conditions necessary for customers' and employees' satisfaction, which are listed on the page WHY do we do it.

But we are also open to others' experience and knowlege. That's why we started to aply two systems introduced bellow. We are neither dogmatic nor formal with any of them. We do not want to slavishly fullfil the norm's demands and get stamps that we comply. We take from each system what we percieve as really useful. And we do apply it in a way which is sensible for our branch of business.

Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step

That's the name of Microsoft's implementation methodology for products from Microsoft Dynamics family (AX, NAV, CRM etc.). It describes all implementation phases, their steps, milestones and deliverables, but also tasks of each role in each phase. And it offers samples of project documents, too. Main phases of a standard implementation  project may be seen on the picture bellow. But the most important is to apply the methodology in accordance with type and size of the project, with customer's demands, conditions, scope and budget. Slavish application done by an unexperienced project manager can bring more harm than benefits.


Quality Management System according to ISO 9001

However it's not apparent at the first sight and ISO is for most companies - despite of all proclamations - just fruitless annoyance and administration which has to be formally fulfilled, even this system conceals a good core which has a sence and which's application can really help improve quality of work and thus also satisfaction of all participating parties. And that's why we strive to follow this norm in our daily work.

Our Quality Management System Policy motto is "We want to make money in such a way that not only company's owners, but also its employees, customers and other partners have pleasure from it."