Microsoft Dynamics AX
Microsoft Dynamics AX

Microsoft Dynamics AX is an integrated, customizable solution for management of businesses (ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning). It will help you and your employees to work effectively and to make decissions with higher reliance. Microsoft Dynamics AX works likewise well known products of Microsoft corporation and it collaborates with them. It automates and simplifies business processes, connects you with your customers, business parners and branches and helps you to achieve business success. Thanks to Microsoft Dynamics AX you will gain confidence that your solution for company management will always conform to the needs of your employees and to your business requirements.

AddAX Web

AddAX Web is a web-based application used for remote access of authorized AX users, such as sales agents, customers and suppliers. These users can enter data in this way directly into AX and there's no more need to retype information once again. AddAX Web communicates with AX server in real time using UBC (Unlimited Business Connector). It does not use classical web interface, but forms based on framework YUI2 which are much more suitable for entering of data. Working in AddAX web environment is very simillar to working in Microsoft Dynamics AX itself.

Admin mód
Admin mód

Admin Mode has been developed to tackle situations when the administrator needs to change AX setup or carry out some other maintenance task and he needs to prevent occurrence of uncontrolled processes during the maintenance period. Admin Mode brings you the possibility to inform online users about planned shutdown, monitor if the info has been read and start AX in exclusive mode so that other users can't get in. It also takes care about batch jobs, their suspension and restart.


No matter how big you are you need THE BEST


Are you a small local company, dynamicly growing midsize business or a multinational?

  • Anyway - you do your best to serve your customers.
  • Anyway - you need the best working conditions, tools and solutions to stay competitive.

We offer you

  • High-end company information system - that's Microsoft Dynamics AX.
  • Tailor-made solution designed to suit your unique needs - that's the result of well-done implementation.
  • Access to your system not only from local computers of selected internal users - that's brought to you by our AddAX Family - components which enable access to AX directly from web, mobiles, smart barcode readers or tailor-made applications of your choice.
  • Fast and high-quality service - that's our lifelong guaranteed support.
  • Assurance of continuous development and support of the system by its author - that's given by the size of Microsoft corporation and by its long-term strategy of AX development.
  • Feasibility of company's growth without the need to change its system - that's given by the scalability of AX which can be used by one or by one thousand users.